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Image of Helix Sunset Elite Mattress
Image of Helix Sunset Elite Mattress
Image of Helix Sunset Elite Mattress
Image of Helix Sunset Elite Mattress

Helix Sunset Elite Mattress

The Helix Sunset Elite mattress is a luxurious sleep solution that combines superior comfort and support. With its carefully crafted design, this mattress offers a soft feel tailored for side sleepers while providing ultimate support and cutting-edge cooling technology.

One of the standout features of the Sunset Elite mattress is its targeted pressure relief. The dual micro coil layers adapt to your body’s contours, alleviating pressure points and ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. This means you can wake up refreshed and free from aches and pains.

$1,749.00 Regular price $2,498.80

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Helix Sunset Elite Mattress

$1,749.00 Regular price $2,498.80


Long-Lasting Quality

Experience the Helix Sunset Elite, a plush mattress designed
for side sleepers. This luxurious bed combines superior comfort, targeted pressure relief, and advanced cooling technology. With dual micro coil layers adapting to your body, it relieves pressure points, allowing you to wake up refreshed and free from aches and pains.

Outer Materials

  • Pillow Top: The soft quilted cover with GlacioTex™Elite cooling technology enhances comfort by regulating temperature.
  • Copper Gel Memory Foam: Conductive copper keeps you
    cool while providing pressure relief for hips and shoulders.
  • Individually Wrapped Microcoils: Placed between
    memory foams for extra comfort and targeted support.
  • Memory Plus Foam: Adds support, balances sinkage, and
    enhances mattress durability.
  • Helix Responsive Foam: Adds support and responsiveness for pressure relief and sturdiness.
  • Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils: Premium steel coils with zoned lumbar support and reinforced perimeter.
  • DuraDense Foam: Bottom layer maintains mattresss tructure, adds support, and promotes longevity.


The Helix Sunset Elite mattress is quite soft, rating at 3/10 on the firmness scale. This is due to the memory foam layers, making it perfect for side sleepers. The mattress excels in relieving pressure points and providing a comfortable sleep experience.

Free Trial

You have the opportunity to try the Helix Sunset Elite mattress for 100 nights. If you're not satisfied, you can return it within this trial period to ensure you're happy with your purchase.


Enjoy free delivery when you purchase the Helix Mattress from SleePare online store. Experience the convenience of having your mattress delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges, making your shopping experience even more hassle-free.


While it's uncommon for anyone to return Helix Mattress, we
happily accept returns with our 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Our Sleep Concierge will arrange the easiest way to pick up your mattress if it's not the right fit. For assistance with returns, please call 347-980-0044. Your satisfaction is our priority.