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Image of Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress
Image of Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress
Image of Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress

The Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress offers unparalleled comfort with its billowy quilt top made of phase-change fibers. Its ultra-breathable dual spring system contours to your body and isolates motion disturbances, providing pressure relief. Luxurious details like the euro-style gusset and tailored handles add a touch of elegance.

$1,574.00 Regular price $2,099.00

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Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress

$1,574.00 Regular price $2,099.00


Long-Lasting Quality

Experience superior comfort with the Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress. The soft quilt top, crafted with phase-change fibers, ensures a cozy feel. The dual spring system adapts to your body, minimizing motion disturbances and relieving pressure. Elegant features like the euro-style gusset and handles enhance the luxurious touch of this mattress.

Outer Materials

  • Cover: The Legend's cover is crafted from organic cotton, merino wool, and recycled water bottles, offering a light and breathable feel. It's hypoallergenic too.
  • Comfort Layer: Beneath the cover is hole-punched poly foam, providing quick pressure response for bounce and mobility. It's also aerated for breathability, ideal for hot sleepers.
  • Recovery Layer: The memory foam layer below offers excellent pressure relief and body-contouring, allowing for a deep sink into the bed, particularly beneficial for side sleepers.
  • Zoned Support Layer: This layer features micro-coils at the head and foot and firmer poly foam in the middle, maintaining spinal alignment during various sleep positions. The micro-coils add bounce.
  • Transition Layer: Situated below the Zoned Support layer, this firmer poly foam aids in transitioning from softer layers to the supportive pocketed coil layer.
  • Support Layer: The pocketed coils provide a bouncy, mobile feel like traditional innerspring mattresses, but with improved motion isolation. Great for those with sleeping partners.
  • Base Layer: The final layer, composed of support foam, stabilizes the coils and forms the foundation for all the layers above.


The Leesa Legend rates 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, softer than the medium-firm standard. It's notably softer than the Original
Leesa and the Leesa Hybrid mattresses.

Free Trial

Leesa provides a 100-night sleep trial for the Legend mattress. This means you have ample time to test the mattress in the comfort of
your home and decide if it suits your needs.


Leesa crafts mattresses to order in the USA, compresses them, and ships in a box. After unboxing, let your Leesa mattress air out for a few hours. Leesa provides free home delivery for all their mattresses.


While it's uncommon for anyone to return Leesa Mattress, we
happily accept returns with our 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Our Sleep Concierge will arrange the easiest way to pick up your mattress if it's not the right fit. For assistance with returns, please call 347-980-0044. Your satisfaction is our priority.