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Image of Mlily Adjustable Pillow
Image of Mlily Adjustable Pillow
Image of Mlily Adjustable Pillow

Mlily Adjustable Pillow

The Mlily Adjustable Pillow offers a highly customizable sleep experience. With DIY thickness and temperature control, it can be tailored to fit your individual needs, allowing you to adjust your pillow for the perfect night's rest. Thanks to its adjustable features, this pillow ensures you'll always be comfortable while sleeping.


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Mlily Adjustable Pillow



Outer Materials: Long-Lasting Quality

The Adjustable Pillow set has three different thickness options for different types of sleepers. Each pillow is filled with a mix ofshredded memory foam and polyester fiber, making it soft and easy to shape for your head, neck, and shoulders. You also get a bonus bag to store extra foam as you customize the pillow's height and comfort.

The outer cover has two sides – one for cooling and the other for a regular feel, giving you more choices for how you want to use it. Enjoy the flexibility to create your perfect sleeping environment and wake up feeling refreshed with this innovative and customizable pillow.

Outer Materials:

  • Shredded Memory Foam
  • Polyester Fiber Mix Core with extra stuffing included for an adjustable fill
  • Cooling knit fabric cover on one side


The Adjustable Pillow is medium-firm, striking a balance between softness and support. It's designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience with a moderate level of firmness for a restful night.


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