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Image of Puffy Lux 14" Hybrid Mattress
Image of Puffy Lux 14" Hybrid Mattress
Image of Puffy Lux 14" Hybrid Mattress

Puffy Lux 14" Hybrid Mattress

Puffy Lux is a gel foam mattress offered by Puffy brand. This four-layered sleep surface is thoughtfully designed to make your nights rejuvenating and mornings, refreshing. The layers ensure you have a pressure-relieving and comfy slumber.

$845.00 Regular price $2,195.00

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Puffy Lux 14" Hybrid Mattress

$845.00 Regular price $2,195.00


Long-lasting quality

Puffy Lux, a gel foam mattress from the Puffy brand, is crafted with four layers to provide rejuvenating nights and refreshing mornings. Each layer is designed for pressure relief and comfortable sleep, ensuring you experience a restful and cozy slumber every night.

Outer materials

  • First Layer (2 inches): Cooling Cloud™ Foam: Cooling gel memory foam for temperature regulation and surface comfort. Provides body contouring and pressure-point relief. Density: Unspecified.
  • Second Layer (2 inches): Plush Dual Cloud Foam: Adds
    plushness to the mattress for a softer feel. Distinguishes Puffy Lux from entry-level models. Density: Unspecified.
  • Third Layer (2 inches): Climate Comfort™ Foam: Acts as
    a transition layer for climate adaptability and motion isolation. Prepares for the supportive base layer. Density: Unspecified.
  • Fourth Layer (6 inches): High-Density Base Foam: Provides
    structural support and prevents excessive sinking. Offers overall mattress stability. Density: Unspecified.


Puffy Lux mattress feels "medium-plush," which is between medium and medium-soft. The company rate it at 4.7 out of 10 in terms of firmness. It's a bit softer than medium but not too soft.

Free Trial

Puffy wants you to know they give you 101 nights to try out their mattress—more than the usual trial period. It's a nice, long time for you to check if the mattress is just right for you.


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